NAICS Industry 32223 - stationery product manufacturing

added on: 1997


see industry description for 322230.

NAICS Codes that fall in the category of 32223 - stationery product manufacturing

322230 stationery product manufacturing
322231 die-cut paper and paperboard office supplies manufacturing
322232 envelope manufacturing
322233 stationery, tablet, and related product manufacturing

Cross Reference

  • establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing die-cut paper and paperboard products other than office supplies are classified in u.s. industry 322299

Yearwise Index Change For 32223 NAICS

Indexadded yearlast active year
die-cut paper products for office use made from purchased paper or paperboard1997 active
envelopes (i.e., mailing, stationery) made from any material1997 active
tapes (e.g., adding machines, calculator, cash register) made from purchased paper1997 active
stationery made from purchased paper1997 active
tablets (e.g., memo, note, writing) made from purchased paper1997 active